Meal Prep, it will save your life (maybe)

A law student during semester is a fickle creature; time poor, highly stressed, over caffeinated and incredibly often, under fed.

We’ve all been there – juggling the commitments of completing readings, assessment, attending lectures, getting a respectable amount of sleep and maintaining some semblance of a social life often leave us blazing most of the way through the day before trying to recall the last time we ate.

Few can question the connection between eating well (and often) and increased study performance. You quite literally need to feed your brain to help it retain information, not to mention the links between good diet and immunity, energy and not being so damn hangry.

Personally, I’ve fallen into the poor dieting trap more times than I can count. Making things worse, I would often get through a massive day without eating much, only to collapse in a heap around 8pm and order takeaway, something not good for my health, or my wallet.

At the beginning of this semester I discovered meal prep. It has seriously helped me in so many ways, spending just a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon has saved me money throughout the week, led to me being more productive, healthier and has me feeling better overall.

There are many meal prep resources out there, I think the best starting point is Reddit (

I normally prep 4-5 dinners and 6-7 breakfasts every Sunday to get me through the week.

As a starting point, I recommend chicken with sweet potato mash and steamed veggies. Simply pan fry some chicken breast (I marinate the chicken in a spicy marinade for extra flavour), boil some veggies (my favour is broccoli, zucchini and carrot) and make a big ol pot of sweet potato mash and portion accordingly.

I am a big breakfast skipper, so I figure that eating a slightly unhealthy breakfast is better than eating nothing at all. I just prep a bunch of bacon and egg muffins (with cheese of course), wrap in foil and freeze. I take these to work in the morning, microwave for 60 secs then toast in a sandwich press.

I really can’t recommend meal prepping enough, it takes a little bit of planning and a couple of hours on the weekend, but seeing as exam season is approaching (sorry to remind you) – it is going to save you money, benefit your health and best of all, improve your study.


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